I guide aspiring wreath makers to build their first sellable wreath, moving from dining room hobby to retail lobby, and market their creations like a pro on Etsy.

Who is Wreath Makers Tribe for?

♥♥ Those who want to learn how to make fabulous wreaths either as a hobby or to sell.

♥♥ Those who need help with wreath making fundamentals. Once you get those down you will be well on your way to designing like a pro in no time!

♥♥ Those who are tired of wasting time hunting for that perfect video that will show you step by step how to do each process that is involved in making wreaths.

♥♥ Those who want to learn how to make bows!

♥♥ Those who might need a little extra help getting started.

♥♥ Those who are looking for places that the pro’s shop (retail and wholesale).

♥♥ Need help choosing ribbon colors, adding embellishments to your wreaths?

♥♥ If you need help finding Etsy SEO keywords for your Etsy listings.

♥♥ If you are a busy person this course is perfect for you because you can go back and watch videos on your free time when it’s convenient for you.

♥♥ And SO Much More!

♥♥ Click the link below and take the quiz!



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Who is Wreath Makers Tribe NOT for?

♥♥ Advanced Wreath Makers this is not the course for you, if you are killing it on Etsy and know all the different wreath making techniques, I give you many kudos!

♥♥ If you are not willing to practice – This course isn’t for you. Not many people can make a wreath for the first time and it comes out looking gorgeous.

♥♥ If you are not willing to put in the time  – It takes time to learn how to make wreaths, the more time and practice you put into it the better your skills will become.

This is a photo of a wreath that I made 6 years ago. One of my first deco mesh wreaths in fact. I invested in an ebook that totally changed how I made wreaths. See back then, there wasn’t nearly as much selection, videos, etc… available but I made it work and started my own small business. And that is exactly where I want to get you! I want to get you comfortable enough to take that leap of faith and know that your creations can be beautiful with just a little bit of practice! I’ve been making wreaths ever since. I want to give back to anyone who is willing to take the time and invest themselves into learning how to make wreaths. I have tons of experience and want to share that with you all. Help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that I made along the way. I’d like to have a small group of people that I can help. Listen, I’ve been where you are and I can tell you that with practice you can learn how to make your own beautiful wreaths that you can sell, give as gifts or simply make for your own front door. What is the one thing we all wish we had more of? Time… with this e-series. I am combining all that I know in one spot, I’m focused on teaching you step by step how to implement different techniques in wreath making to make this as easy as possible for you.  

These are a few of my more recent wreaths as you can see there is a HUGE difference when you put in the time, effort and practice to create wreaths.


Let me tell you what you are getting in this e-series!

♥ This is a 6 week e-series course


♥ The beginners series alone has over 15 different videos, we go over basic supplies needed to start, different wreath bases, mesh, different wreath base techniques, ribbons and more.


♥ I will teach you all the basics that you need to know to get yourself headed in the right direction of making beautiful wreaths that people want to buy.


♥ The intermediate series – has over 7 videos where I show and/or talk to you about colors, embellishments, bows and there might a BONUS in there for you too!


♥ The advanced series talks about Etsy, Editing Photos, Shipping and more.


♥ A private facebook group with access to me, that you can ask any questions in and talk freely about different techniques and issues you may be having.


♥ And much more!

The BEST part about all of this is you will become a founding member and get this e-series at a much lower cost than anyone who follows in your footsteps.

Why becoming a “Founding Member” benefits you!

♥♥ During this 6 week e-series course, I will ask for your feedback and what other things you would like to see in the e-series videos, suggestions, etc…


♥♥ The FIRST 10 people to enroll via the paypal button below will receive a BONUS box in the mail!! Who doesn’t ♥ LOVE ♥ Happy Mail?!


♥♥ When you sign up as a founding member you will be paying a much lower rate than when I open the e-series back up again.


♥♥ This is your chance to let me know what you’d like to see as far as techniques and if I can do it for you I will.

Why should I Join the Fun and Buy today?

♥♥ You can easily make back twice what you paid by selling just ONE wreath! The price will increase when the e-series course is offered again and it won’t be open again for a while as I focus all my attention on helping you.

♥♥ I understand that there are free videos online but I can get YOU to where I am in much less time that it took me to get there. Saving you a whole lot of time.

♥♥ I’ve done the research, made the products, learned my way around the wreathing world and can’t wait to share it all with you!

♥♥ I am limiting the number of people that can join the group so that I can focus my attention on you and your needs and not be overwhelmed by too many people at one time. I can give more individualized attention to you.

♥♥ This e-series course is a one time payment of only $37.00!  After the cart closes the price will increase to $67.00!

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