The trends for fall colors are oranges, browns and turquoise this year. I based the colors of this wreath off my focal point, the sign. I can’t say how much I LOVE this sign! Have you decorated for fall using turquoise?
***Video available at bottom of the page***

Supplies Used:

15″-24″  Work Wreath Form in a burlap color
1 Roll of Jute burlap mesh
Pipe cleaners
Staple Gun
Hot Glue
Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Sign
Orange and Turquoise tinsel deco flex tubing
2 – 2.5″ Wired Ribbon
3 – 1.5″ Wired Ribbon


1. Add your jute burlap mesh to your work wreath form. I am using the pouf method and I measure my mesh from my wrist to the crook of my elbow, which is approx 10.5″ to 11″. Continue this all the way around your wreath.

2. Prep your sign. Attach pipe cleaners to the back of your sign using a staple gun then add a dab of hot glue over top for added security.

3. Prepare your ribbon. I cut 14″ pieces.


4. Once you have all of your ribbon streamers cut 14″ I then start to place them in the twist ties. I have One bundle of 1 -2.5″ ribbon and 2- 1.5″ ribbons, then another bundle of the same ribbon sizes but different colors. I alternate these in the twist ties. Fluff your ribbons as you add them. Move them into the shape of an X.


Once all ribbons are added, go back and fluff them.


5. Next, I’ll add my sign. When you are attaching a sign to a work wreath form or a wire frame make sure you are attaching your sign to the wire frame itself, not the twist ties.


When you are done attaching your sign go back and fluff out all your ribbon again.

6. Add your tinsel deco flex tubing. I make mine into the shape of a bow. Once placed twist up your ties.


7. Once you are done go back and fluff your ribbon all over the wreath.

We’re done!! Here is the finished wreath.

Here is the facebook live video


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