Come on in and join me while I make a patriotic door hanger! It’s super simple and an easy project!  Watch the video below to learn how to make one for your door!


**Video located at the bottom of this page**

1. I bought an 18″ wood letter and painted it white, using Americana in “Snow White”. I used 3 coats of each color in this project.

2. These are the stars that I used. They are 1.5″ wood stars that I painted using the same Americana paint.

3. Once your letter and stars are painted. Then you want to measure and mark on your letter where you want to stop the blue section. I marked mine just a little further up than the center because I want the red and white to cover more of the letter. We’re sectioning off like the top left corner.

4. Next you are going to start taping off your letter so you can paint the stripes.

5. Next, I’m using Folk Art multi-surface paint in “Ink Spot” to paint the blue section of the letter. I used a 1″ – 1.5″ foam brush. This is after 1 coat of paint, you want to do at least 3 coats of each color.

6. Keep layering the blue, if you don’t have a lot of time you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

7. The tape is 1.5″ in width and that’s the size I want my stripes. I started at the top and used the roll of tape and a ruler to mark 1.5″ marks on my letter.

8. Continue to measure using your tape roll or a ruler down the whole letter.

9. Next, I start painting the sections red, I’m using Folk Art multi-surface paint in “Apple Red”.

10. Next, pull your tape up! I missed that I missed a few sections on the sides, I did go back and touched them up after the video was over. Check all your sides before pulling the tape up.

11. With all the tape taken off this is what your letter should look like.

12. Next, I apply the painted stars. Just put a dab of hot glue on the back and place them where you want them in the blue section. I did 3 stars on top then 2 and alternated the 3 and 2 all the way down the blue section.

13. Here is the completed project! In the cover photo that accompanies this blog I used 3/4″ stars, in this video the stars were 1.5″. You can use either or in size.



Here is the video!



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