Are you ready to learn how to make a DIY Christmas Garland and matching Wreath like a designer?

Why pay full price for a designer garland and matching wreath when you can learn to make them yourself?

Maybe you’re already a crafter but you need a craft recipe or want to learn more tricks?

If so, my unique video tutorial not only shows you how to make a professional Christmas Garland and matching Wreath but it’s filmed using a top down angle. What does this mean for you? It gives you a bird’s eye view making it so much easier to see every step and technique.

This tutorial is good for new crafters/wreath makers as well as seasoned because I share tips not seen anywhere else. YOU can learn how to make and sell these too!

In this instant download, each step of making a Christmas Garland and matching Wreath is broken down into simple, yet easy to follow along steps. You’ll be making your own in no time!

Imagine the pride and satisfaction you’ll have knowing you can make your own beautiful garland and matching wreath for your home…in any color… or any season!!

Why learn from me, Christina?
Because I’ve been making and selling wreaths professionally for over 5 years and I’m absolutely certain I’ve picked up a trick or two that I can share with you. Plus, with my easy going personality, I make you feel comfortable and confident in learning with me.

There are 6 video’s and is over 5 hours (total) and will teach you…
1. How to add deco mesh to your garland
2. How to add depth and dimension to your garland and wreath.
3. Learn my deco mesh and ribbon hacks
4. Learn about ribbon and how to use it.
5. Learn about picks and how to creatively add it to the garland and wreath.
6. There is a 1 hour video of nothing but making bows by hand!



*This is an instant download, which means you can be watching and learning in a matter of seconds!
*You can start, stop, pause and rewind wherever you need; therefore learning at your own speed.
*A complete list of supplies and where I purchased items so you don’t have to guess or hunt to find the materials in order to duplicate my results.
*And did I mention it’s a little over 5 hours long (there are 6 video’s that make up those 5+ hours)? I didn’t leave out a single step!


You CAN make this Christmas Garland and Matching Wreath!


Here are some reviews from my other tutorial videos:

“I have been making wreaths for a few years and was not sure what more I could learn from another video. It delivers everything and more, that Christina promises. I highly recommend this to anyone that is just starting out. Christina guides you step by step through the tutorial and you can easily see everything that she is doing. She shows every detail. This is great, especially for beginners. I also recommend the video to anyone that is already making wreaths. I was so excited to pick up new tips and techniques and can’t wait to use them! — Lisa M.

“I have been making wreaths for several years but I still watch tutorial videos because I always learn something new! This video didn’t disappoint either! I learned new tips and tricks that I will try in my own wreath business. I’d recommend this video to both beginners and those who have more experience. I appreciate how Christina took the time to thoroughly explain each step and went slow enough that even someone who has never made a wreath before can follow along and make something beautiful!” — Lauren S.

“Christina! First let me congratulate you on creating a fantastic video!! You did an outstanding job teaching how to make your welcome wreath with clear visible instructions and explanations of why to incorporate each technique! I loved it!! If I had a doubt it would be if I could make such a pretty wreath. Yet, the video certainly delivered on teaching me “how to” make it. I would recommend this video to anyone I know interested in learning how to make deco mesh wreaths, someone interested in making their own unique wreaths or someone I know who likes to craft/create things. I would recommend the video is because you clearly and simply teach viewers “how to”. This video is NOT confusing for viewers.” — Laurie C.

“This video tutorial is really great! I had my doubts about using deco flex tubing and how to successfully apply it to my wreaths, but am now feeling exited about trying it. I was hooked the moment I saw the wreath and really enjoyed the step by step explanation of how to create such a beautiful piece. The camera angle from above really lets you see just how to position and place your mesh so that you get a consistent product every time. I think this tutorial is perfect for crafters of all levels. Whether you are going to make your first wreath, wanting to try a new technique or looking to learn tips and tricks from fellow wreathers, this has it all. — Nisha U.


*****This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD video tutorial you will NOT be getting anything in the mail.*****


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