Join me making a Spectacular Frankie Halloween wreath


***Video available at bottom of the page***


Supplies Used: 


5 – 1.5″ Wired Halloween Ribbon
5 – 2.5″ Wired Halloween Ribbon
1 – ProBow The Hand
Green Windowpane Mesh
1 Black 15″ – 24″ Work Wreath Form
1 roll premium wide foil black mesh
1 Halloween Sign
Pipe Cleaners
Staple Gun
Hot Glue
Wire Cutters
Floral Wire
Orange Lights optional




1. Make your Terri bows, I already made 2 and made a third on the probow the hand bow board.





3. Cut up your ribbon that is going to go in your wreath twist ties and dove tail the ends.


4. Cut up your window pane mesh into 10″ X 10″ squares.


5. Get your sign ready! I used pipe cleaners, a staple gun and hot glue. Fold one pipe cleaner over if your sign is thin. Place another pipe cleaner over top the folded one and staple it to your sign then put a dab of hot glue over top to double secure it.

















6. Grab your work wreath form and start adding your black mesh to it, using the pouf method. I measure mine using my wrist and pulling it up just to the crook of my elbow. It’s approx: 10.5″-11″ long poufs.




















Work the mesh all the way around your work wreath form, till all twist ties are filled. Once you’ve got it filled up, go back and fluff our your poufs.










8. Next, we are going to add our 10″ X 10″ green window pane mesh. Take the window pane mesh and roll it up then place one roll in each twist tie.












9. 9. Next attach your sign, securing the pipe cleaners on the back of the sign to the metal work wreath base.






















10. Start adding your ribbon to the wreath, using one 1.5″ and one 2.5″ ribbons add it to the twist tie, moving on to the next twist tie use your other 2 1.5″ and 2.5″ ribbon choices. You are alternating ribbon choices around the wreath. While you are adding ribbon fluff them into an X shape. I cut my ribbon to 14″.










11. Attach your bows we made previously by running the wire attached to the bow through your mesh and securing to the metal wreath base in the back.
























12. Once all your bows are attached, go back and fluff out all your ribbons and bow streamers and you’re done. Here is a finished picture of the wreath. ****Note I did go back the next day and moved the sign over to one side of the wreath and I also added orange lights to the side of the wreath with the sign. *****


















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