I love to create Exciting new wreaths & Swags. I also LOVE to teach YOU How to create these things from the comfort of your own home.

 I am a stay at home mom with a son who has Autism, ADHD and Epilepsy. This is one of the reasons I got hooked on wreath making. Before I knew anything about wreath making, I had bought my husband a Steelers wreath from a local person and I stared at that wreath for the longest time, thinking there had to be a better way to make it. So, I ventured into making the rag wreaths and I made a handful or two of them. While searching for ways to make them on the internet, I ran across deco mesh wreaths and I was curious. I ordered some basic supplies, back then there wasn’t much to choose from and the selections are definitely not what they are today! I found a few videos on youtube, again, nothing like it is today and I jumped right in, head first, not really knowing what exactly I was doing. I bought Julie Siomacco’s deco mesh e-book, I read and watched her videos over and over again and joined a community of then, women, in a forum and we chatted about wreath making and other things that were going on in our lives.

 We all grew and some of us still chat today. My skills have come a long way since then and the knowledge I’ve gained is priceless. I learned from mistakes, the what not to do’s, the how to do things a little different to make it better, the valued opinions of others who are like me.

 I mainly do this as a stress reliever and because I’ve found complete joy and happiness in being creative! When you are faced with challenges, trials and tribulations of everyday life with a special needs son you find what helps you over come them and this is it for me, aside from making a little bit of pocket change so we can do extra things through out the year.

 I have made a few video tutorials and I LOVE making them and teaching YOU how to!! I am starting a VIP Members Club, so I can hang out with you a couple times a month and we can make great things together!

 With my wreaths I can say that you will never find another wreath like it in a store. So, go ahead and take that leap and dare to be different, support small businesses and go ahead make your neighbors a little jealous because you have the best looking door decor!

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About Me

Welcome! Here you will find high quality wreaths for any season or occasion. I do make custom wreaths to order (anniversary wreaths, graduation wreaths, new home wreaths, just married wreaths, new baby wreaths, etc…). If you need something and don’t see it, just fill out the contact us form. I also offer a VIP Members Club where I teach other creative wreath makers all my tips and tricks to making beautiful wreaths


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