Hey Everyone! Who has started decorating for Halloween? If you are just getting started I’ve got a spooky grapevine Halloween Countdown wreath that you can make for your front door! I did this as a facebook live and want to share it with you too.

***Video available at bottom of the page***

Supplies I used: 

An 18″ Orange Grapevine Wreath
A Countdown to Halloween Sign
Various Halloween Flowers
Wired Halloween Ribbon 2.5″ for bow
Several pumpkin Picks
Rustic Wire
Hot Glue
Chenille Stems


1. The first thing that I did was got my sign ready to be able to attach it to the grapevine. Place your sign where you want it on the wreath and use a pencil to mark off where you will need to attach pipe cleaners to the sign on the back. Next, I folded over a pipe cleaner 3-4 times on itself, then I took a whole pipe cleaner and placed it on top of the folded one. The purpose of the folded pipe cleaner is to add depth so that the staple doesn’t go through the sign to the front. Once you have your pipe cleaners attached, put a dab of hot glue over top to double secure. Set your sign aside to let the glue dry.










2. Determine what florals you are going to use.

3. Attach your hanger to the back of the wreath using rustic wire.

4. Attach your sign using the pipe cleaners we attached earlier.












5. Once you have your sign where you’d like it, start placing your florals in your wreath. I like to split mine up.











6. Start placing your florals into the grapevine. I hold off on gluing till I know I like where they are placed.








7. Next I made and added a bow. I normally would have done this before adding florals but with this one I didn’t.













8. Add your bow to your wreath, after adding, pouf your ribbon tails into the wreath at different lengths and directions.















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